For almost 30 years GORDIC has been in the fronline of developeing and manufacturing streamlined and efficent machines to fill tablets into rigid tubes.


GORDIC has more than 55 operating machines in all corners of the world. Our high standards and long experience with meeting customer demands has given us a sound worldwide reputation. In an ever changing economy the demand for quality and longevity has never been as important as it is today. Our smart and flexible machines are built to last into the future.

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No chain is stronger than its weakest link. That's why we at GORDIC only incorporate parts with the highest quality and reliability, to ensure our clients the best of investments.


Throughout the years we at GORDIC have built many long lasting relationships with our clients. We believe that excellent customer service, high standards and our proven abilities to meet customer demands is the very foundation on which GORDIC so firmly stand upon.


Gordic offers a wide range of fillingmachines, from the smallest with a capacity of 35.000 tablets an hour to the greatest with a capacity of 190.000 tablets an hour, depending on the number of tablets per tube.

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Our machines incorporate GORDICS inhouse ROTAFILL® technology. By rotating the tablets standing them on edge we can ensure that the tubes are filled with the correct number in a few seconds - quickly and gentle.


A few simple manual replacements of interlocking parts adjust the machine to cope with the majority of tablets, tubes and caps. Fragile effervescent tablets are handled with ease and both plastic and aluminum tubes of varying sizes can be used. The equipment can be adapted for different types of caps, both with and without tamper evident closures.


Both tube-fillers and tube/cap-feeders are compact and can be located in separate rooms. The conveyors which link the various units to form fully automated lines, can be custom-built. This enables easy location of the equipment in areas where space is limited, or environments where climatic control has been specified.


Our machines are built in such a way that both cleaning, adjustments and maintenance is a breeze and are built with FDA approved materials such as Stainless Steel (SS 2333), Aluminum (SS 4212), Makrolon® (Polycarbonate), Teflon® (PTFE), Delrin® (POM), CB-PET® (PET).